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Strategic Realty Investment Co., Ltd was founded in February 2022 and is today one of the most innovative, creative, and unique property Investment development companies. With our global expertise in the market, strong growth ambition, and a hungry drive for innovation, Strategic Realty Investment Co., Ltd is focussing on growth, strategic development, and contribution to innovative development in Cambodia.

Strategic Realty Investment Co., Ltd is working very hard to become a household name for high quality, reliability, innovative development, uniqueness, and trust. We are building a unique eco-city concept in Banteay Srei that will turn heads in Cambodia and abroad.

At Strategic Realty Investment Co., Ltd, the highest standard of design and construction, sustainability, giving back to the community and nature, and creating stunning job and investment opportunities are our company's driving forces.

Our Value

We uphold our investments and development projects with the highest level of sustainability, respect, and integrity.

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Strategic Investment Solutions

provide personalized plans for life’s journey, bringing simplicity to the financial complexities of life through a customized approach.

Private & Commercial Properties

Private and commercial properties are real estate assets that are intended to generate a profit, either through capital gains or rental income.

Project Development

Project development is the process of planning and allocating resources to fully develop a project or product from concept to go-live.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership opportunities can be a great way for companies to expand their reach and capabilities.

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